Customized Therapy Solutions

Eye Lenticule Cryopreservation

Cryo Stemcell has partnered with leading eye hospitals for offering cryopreservation of corneal stromal lenticules extracted after ReLEx SMILE procedure for potential therapeutic use for treating conditions like hypermetropia. This would provide a safe, effective and stable alternative treatment option compared to excimer laser ablation due to less chances of regression; no flap related complications, haze, post- operative ectasia, less post-operative dry eye and aberrations.

Limbal Stem Cell Therapy

Cryo Stemcell routinely offers limbal stem cell culture services to leading eye hospitals for treating Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency (LSCD) caused due to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Chemical/ thermal injuries, Aniridia & Pterygium, Herpes simplex epithelial disease, Radiation keratopathy, Contact lens induced keratopathy, Limbal tumors & Neuroparalytic keratitis and Drug toxicity. We process limbal biopsies, culture epithelial cells in vitro and prepare the cultured epithelium with amniotic membrane for transplantation.

Easy Banking Plans

Cryo Stemcell brings you unique stem cell banking options in 2 different plans...

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Why us?

First family stem cell bank

Being India’s first family stem cell bank, Cryo Stemcell strives to constantly utilize technology to bring innovative solutions to your doorstep.

Multiple Retrievals

Stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood are preserved in multiple cryo vials as opposed to preserving them in a single cryo bag, thus ensuring that the cell viability of cryopreserved stem cells is maintained across multiple retrievals.

Processing Technique

Cryo Stemcell’s unique technique of processing umbilical cord blood allows processing of samples with low volumes and yet, ensure better quality and quantity of stem cells are cryopreserved for future therapeutic use.

Post-banking services

Cryo Stemcell also provides you the option of post banking services like expansion and differentiation of stem cells for therapeutic use.

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